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Please use this form to request more information or pricing on Kingston DTVP-M, DT4000-M FIPS and/or SafeConsole for Kingston.

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How many users / PC's do you have?
Do you need pricing for Kingston drives AND the management console, OR just the console only?
Which drives do you need? DTVP-M
DT4000-M (FIPS 140 Certified)
How many drives and/or console users do you need?
If you've already purchased the drives, who did you buy them from?
If you need drives, which capacities do you need? 2GB
32GB (N/A for DT4000)
I am also interested in StickApps®.
What are the Business issues you need to address?

USB Management
CoCo / PCI Compliance
I need to manage USB
Industry Regs Compliance
Move Data Securely
Deploy Portable Work Environment

What is your timescale to implement a solution?
Do you have a budget in place?
Do you have a preferred Reseller? Who?
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