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PwrSmart is a PC Power Management solution which provides measurable, instant energy cost savings AND reduces your carbon footprint to meet sustainability targets.

By intelligently managing an effective power management policy for your PC's and now Mac's, you can cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and meet sustainability targets.  An company with 500 PC's can prevent 895 tons of CO2 being emitted over 3 years, and make significant monthly energy cost savings.

The PwrSmart Service requires no up-front infrastructure investment, software maintenance, support contract or lengthy subscription agreement.

With flexible contract terms and totally free for the first 30 days, the PwrSmart Service is simple to deploy and costs a fraction of the monthly energy savings it immediately generates.

Key Features:
Reduce energy costs and carbon emissions from day one.  There is no up-front investment resulting in a lengthy Return on Investment.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification A typical organisation with 500 PC's will save between £22 and £50 per PC in energy costs annually.  With energy prices rising constantly, the savings will only increase. <more on energy saving>
pwrsmart mac osx power management support GUARANTEED savings or your money back.  The Guarantee promises to reduce energy spend by more than twice the monthly service fee in the first month of use or it’s free. [more]
pwrsmart mac osx power management support PwrSmart now supports power management of both Windows and now Mac OSX computers from the same console.
pwrsmart mac osx power management support Remote "wake-up" now available.  Remotely turn on computers from any mobile device - iPhone, iPad etc..
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification A typical 500 PC organisation will on average prevent 895 tons of excess CO2 from being emitted over 3 years.   This is equivalent to planting more than 175 acres of trees or removing roughly 150 cars from the roads. <more on carbon reduction>
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Try it ! Deploy PwrSmart to 50 PC's.  Leave 25 PC's settings as they are to monitor your "baseline" and put the other 25 in a group with recommended settings.  Measure the results...
Think Active Directory already provides power management features?  Think again.  See our FAQ and then read the AD comparison document.
Activate a 30 day free trial and start saving immediately.  It costs nothing, and there is nothing to lose - at worst you've spent an hour or two looking at some cool software, at best you have saved your organisation lots of money - and helped reduce CO2 emissions.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Read how Nova Hreod, a UK college with 600 PC's saves on average more than £3000 a month with PwrSmart..<more>
Provided as a fully hosted and managed Software as a Service (SaaS).
“Set-It-and-Forget-It” enforcement: Ensures your PCs never stray from your organisation's power management standard.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Flexible, EPA approved power schemes provide pre-packaged (or fully customisable) power schemes.   Set multiple daily power settings, on/off, sleep, power down, hibernate, disk park, monitor off, wake-up for maintenance activities, scheduled events and full software exclusions.
Simple to deploy. Install the tiny PwrSmart communication client to PC's via Active Directory / Group Policy or other tools.  See the user guide.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Dozens of reports out of the box - providing detailed analysis of the energy and carbon savings per PC, per Group, per Geographical location and much more.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Target groups of computers with their unique power scheme. PwrGroups can be based on Active Directory OU membership, geographic location, IP address, hardware configuration, operating system language, time zone and many other configurations.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification PwrSmart is a member of the EPA Energy Star Program and is an Energy Star Partner.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification As an added bonus, reduced usage means PC's and components last longer !
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification All estimated savings figures used are based on the official Energystar Savings Calculator.  <more>
Skeptical? We were too - but please read our FAQ.
See our Technical FAQ for in-depth technical answers.
net clean anti-child abuse FAQ Read the Frequently Asked Questions
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Real Life Customer Savings

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