Looking for a SAN?  Look no further.  NexSan's award winning, huge capacity, blisteringly fast, totally redundant storage solutions are cost effective, and feature revolutionary power and energy saving technology.

The flagship SATABeast provides the highest storage density in the industry - up to 84 TB in only 4U - or 200TB with a 4U expansion module. The Assureon file archiving solution adds file retention management, single instance storage, compliance and powerful search functionality for your valuable data.

Nexsan's revolutionary AutoMAID 2.0™ energy saving technology greatly reduces power consumption and operating costs. With NexSan you can reduce heat & power costs by 60%

sata beast san storage solution
SATABeast / SASBeast - up to 204TB SAN (new Xi model supports Apple networks)
sata boy fibre san storage solution
SATABoy / SASBoy - up to 28TB SAN
databeast unlimited san storage emc centera
E-Series - Enterprise solution, multiple petabytes of space - info coming soon
intelligent file archiving solution
Assureon - Unique file archiving, retention, search, discovery & compliance solution.
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