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Assureon from Nexsan is a new breed of intelligent, disk-based archiving solutions.

Very simply put, Assureon allows you to securely archive any digital files, information or email archive, and allows the user to set flexible, and compliant retention and lifecycle policies for that data as needs require.

Assureon features single instance storage of files, authentication and integrity checks, immutability (files simply CANNOT be changed), file level retention enforcement and full audit trailing. 

Assureon is an all-in-one, scalable, fault tolerant, hardware & software system that give users powerful and cost-effective choices for the protection, retention, searching, and long term care of their information assets.

Key Features:

Secure all of your valuable, fixed content data.
symantec  Enterprise Vault symantec enterprise vault EVS certifiedCertified for use with Symantec Enterprise Vault as a certified storage solution.
Creating a Data archive can reduce backup load. Assureon can “change” file location from primary disk, to a link to the file held on Assureon after a predetermined number of days without activity.
WORM disk functionality: the Assureon system provides Write Once, Read Many functionality
File Level Retention Enforcement - securely erase files using policies you create - reduce legal liability by holding data for just as long as you need to.
Perfect for storing all sorts of data - including a storage target for AppAssure - the worlds best Backup, Instant Recovery, Offsite Replication and Disaster Recovery solution.  100x faster than BackupExec, with dozens more features! 
All data is safeguarded against: Accidental / deliberate deletion, Virus / Worm damage, Software Errors, Tampering, Inserting Bogus Files, Date / Time Falsification, Hardware Failure (disks, servers, etc) Disaster (fire, flood, etc).
Prevents data theft, deletion & addresses privacy issues.  All data can be encrypted.
Provides Total Lifecycle Management (TLM) of Data
Single Instance Store: Only one copy of exactly the same data object is kept. For example, if multiple individuals are all saving the same PowerPoint presentation, Assureon can identify that they are duplicates and only store one copy resulting in less storage needed, reduced network bandwidth and overall cost.
Authentication and Integrity: Assureon technology verifies that all files and file metadata has not been tampered with or corrupted.
Immutability: An object placed under Assureon management cannot be changed or erased until the end of its retention period.
Service e-discovery and legal information discovery requests under Data Protection, Freedom of Information and other regulatory (and in-house) search requests.
Seamless Network Integration.
Instant Access / Searching: Assureon enables immediate online access to reference data as opposed to traditional offline storage such as tape which can take days.
Audit Trails for Compliance: Assureon meets many requirements of the numerous compliance laws and privacy regulations
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