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Watch DataLocker, SafeToGo and
SafeConsole Tour

DataLocker / SafeToGo and SafeConsole Product Tour

Our product tour shows you a DataLocker / SafeToGo drive being inserted for the first time, how you choose a password, the features available in general use, as well as all the SafeConsole (rem ote management console) features in depth - including password recovery, backup and killing lost drives. 

If after watching you would like further information or if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch using one of the contact links available from any menu.

  • SafeConsole and an Encrypted Drive - All about the Datalocker/SafeToGo (previously known as SafeStick) and SafeConsole features - including Backup, Publishing files to remote drives, Easyshare, setting a custom password policy, recovering passwords, auditing, secure KILL / destruction of lost usb sticks.

* All demos are streamed, are Flash based and require JavaScript to be enabled in your browser.  


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