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Why Deepnet DUALShield?

Why choose Deepnet DUALShield Multi-Factor Authentication Solution?

You have been searching for a multi-factor authentication product for the protection of your business resources and data - yet, you are still searching, because none of the products that you have seen or tried meet all of your requirements. 

Many or the products you have found are "one trick ponies" - they provide a single token type, to secure a handful of specific applications. 

Many products are simply too expensive to buy, expensive to add modules (which are often available at additional cost), the hardware tokens cost a lot to buy, deploy and replace, AND often the costs of renewing the annual support & maintenance fees are unexpectedly high.   Sound familiar?

But your organisation needs to be secure.   Your employees and business partners are remotely accessing your resources and data in your corporate network via VPN or RDP, in the web or cloud with Google Apps, Citrix XenApp, VMware View or 2X.

Furthermore, your employees and business partners demand different types of authentication methods. Some of them need hardware OTP tokens (the traditional push button type), some of them want on-demand passwords via SMS text, email messages or phone calls, some of them prefer biometrics and some of them are required to logon with PKI certificates.

So you need to secure a variety of remote access channels with multi-factor authentication, at the right price, and with a high degree of flexibility.


You can now sit back and search no further, as you have finally found the right product that will meet all of your requirements.  

Deepnet's DualShield is an award-winning, versatile, unified authentication platform that delivers multi-factor authentication across diverse channels, applications, users and security tokens.

DualShield enables organisations to deploy a wide variety of authentication methods and to protect a wide range of remote access channels and applications with strong, multi-factor authentication in a single, unified platform.

Full Technical Support

In conjunction with UK Distributor Softek, Deepnet provides full, UK based technical support both pre and post sales.

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