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Deepnet T-Pass

Deepnet T-Pass

T-Pass is a token-less, on-demand one-time password authentication solution that delivers one-time-passwords via SMS text message, Telephone call, Twitter direct message or email messages.

How it Works

When a user requests account logon or online transaction, DualShield Authentication Server generates a one-time password (OTP) and sends the OTP to the user’s registered mobile phone via a SMS text message, twitter direct, email or via an automated Telephone call - which reads the OTP to the user..

When the user receives the message he/she enters the OTP into the login or transaction form. The OTP submitted by the user is then forwarded to authentication server to be verified.

Upon the successful verification of the OTP the user is granted the permission to access their account or to complete the online transaction.

Deliverable via multiple channels
T-Pass supports a variety of channels for receiving the one-time password including SMS text messages, voice over telephone calls, twitter direct messages and email messages. Users can choose to receive one-time passwords over a channel of their choice.

Secure One-Time Password
One-time password is generated upon successful verification of a user’s identity. The password expires after a preset period or upon usage. The one time password can be sent on demand in real-time or pre-sent to mobile phones to resolve the problem of network latency resulting in SMS delays or loss of network coverage.

Works on all mobile phones / smart devices
All mobile phones can receive SMS text messages and therefore can be used with T-Pass

Flexible SMS options

T-Pass supports three options for sending SMS messages.
  • SMS Gateway
  • SMS messages are sent via the Internet to a SMS gateway that connects to worldwide mobile phone network providers. T-Pass supports all of widely used SMS gateway such as Clickatell, Bulletin Wireless, AQL etc.

  • GSM Modem
  • This option uses a GSM modem and mobile phone SIM card. SMS messages are sent in the same way as a mobile phone.

  • SMSC
  • SMS messages are sent via Short Message Service Centers provided by mobile network operators


Key Features

  • Easy for customers to use
  • Secure & reliable
  • SMS works with all mobile phones
  • Can also be delivered via email, twitter etc.
  • No software installation
  • No hardware to deploy
Key Benefits

  • Scalable solution for mass market applications
  • Cost Effective to purchase and maintain
  • No new hardware tokens required
  • Extremely low Support Cost
  • Self-service Management System
  • Easy to use and deploy

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