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Deepnet SiteStamp

Deepnet SiteStamp

Provides a simple yet effective way for users to sign or stamp websites that they trust. Secure Site Stamp presents users with their own personalised images - site stamps - to ensure that they are communicating with the legitimate website and not a fraudster.

Unlike other site authentication solutions based on static images that can be easily compromised by spyware and keyloggers capable of screen capture, Secure Site Stamp employs dynamic and watermark images that cannot be screen captured.

Key Features

  • Secret Image
    The account holder can select from a library of tens of thousands of stock images or upload a personal picture. The image is secret to the account holder.
  • Secret Watermark
    In addition, the account holder can create a secret watermark that will be printed into the image, doubling the security for the account holder.
  • Dynamic Image
    When displayed, the static image selected by the user is transformed into a dynamic image in real time, preventing it from being screen captured by spyware that might be infected on the user’s PC.

Key Benefits

  • Two-way authentication.
    When coupled with other client authentication products, Deepnet Site Stamp provides a simple, zero-footprint and yet powerful two-way authentication solution.

  • Restore customers trust.
    At login, account holders are presented with their personal Site Stamps to confirm that the website is legitimate and that they can trust that website.

  • Consistent user experience
    Regardless of the account holder’s location, device or browser they are using, every time they use this service the experience is the same.
  • Secure Email
    Site Stamp can also be used in emails sent out to your customers.

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