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Where to Buy

Where to Buy our Solutions

Redcoin are a Value Add Distributor, we do not sell products directly to end user customers.

Therefore all of our carried solutions are sold via our network of fully trained and accredited VAR's and Resellers.

Please use either our quick enquiry form, download a trial version of the software, or request a quotation for any product (available from any of the main menus on this website)

We will then contact you to discuss further your requirements, and from which of our resellers it would be best to purchase from.   We will also discuss who would be best to provide you with installation and technical support based on your requirements, and who you have purchased from previously.

All of our trained resellers are backed up by our high quality, dedicated and focused customer support department. 98%+ of all technical support calls are answered and resolved within just 20 minutes!


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