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About Us

Company Profile

Redcoin Ltd was originally formed as Softek in 1994, since then we have been a 100% Channel focused "Value Add Distributor", providing carefully selected IT Security Solutions and Professional Services to Channel Partners.

*NEWS* Redcoin Ltd takeover announcement.

We work very closely with our Reseller Channel Partners. By providing our partners with a complete range of the very best tools, solutions and professional services, we allow them to differentiate themselves in the industry.

Our success depends on our Partners success, so we assist you every step of the way in growing and developing your business.

The range of security products and professional services we provide all have one thing in common - they are all the very best of breed, and we are trained to as near to Manufacturer level as possible.

Before we will even consider distributing a new product or service, we test it rigorously for quality, stability, performance & technical reliability. Very much a key consideration for us - and good indication of how good a product is - is how much technical support a product needs, and the quality of support that we as Distributor obtain from the manufacturer.

Where we excel is our high quality, focused customer support. 95% of all our technical support calls are answered and resolved within just 20 minutes!

From a pre-sales enquiry, to a highly technical question,we are always happy, willing and able to help.

Why Jersey? 

We have UK based resources who travel extensively around the UK, but many people ask us why our back office headquarters are still based on the small Island of Jersey (which is a crown dependency of the UK, and based 90 miles south of the english coast).  

Jersey is an ideal base for back office functions - including technical support, accounts and logistics.

In terms of Sales, Reseller and Customer meeting support, Jersey's communication and transport links are excellent.  Should an urgent face-to-face meeting be required one of our UK based employees are available, or we can be on a plane and arrive into London Gatwick, London City, Southampton (or many other UK / EU airports) from Jersey within an hour - often faster than a UK based person can drive or Train to the location !


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